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My Hero Merch is Law Enforcement owned and operated, with over a decade of experience as a member of service. Our T-shirts and apparels are designed especially for patriots who support our front line workers. We wanted to create T-shirts and apparel that can be worn and catch the eyes of anyone looking at your sweet looking My Hero Merch Apparel. Show your friends, family, or even strangers what your all about. Whether you are on this site shopping for yourself, or that special someone you call a hero, we guarantee you'll be satisfied with our products. To all  Police, Fire, Military, Nurses, Doctors, EMT, Paramedics, and our Educators, You'll love our My Hero Merchandise designs and what we stand for. Your probably asking yourself, why is education apart of My Hero Merch. Well, We all know education is where it all begins and ends. As the phrase goes, we learn something new every day. Our teachers such as educators, trainers, Instructors, and  professors are the ones that keep our minds filled with knowledge to help us get to where we want to go. To get the knowledge, we need education. So to all that serve this country and our future, we salute you. 


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